AOSP uses soong build which uses Android.bp for configuration

AOSP is build using fragmented Android.bp files.

Each module will contain one Android.bp file, Soong will build all the dependencies linked to one another.

Here are some of the Android soong build commands:

  • m - Builds the whole source code tree.

  • mma - Builds all of the modules in the current directory, and their dependencies.

  • mmma - Builds all of the modules in the supplied directories, and their dependencies.

  • croot - cd to the top of the tree.

  • clean - Deletes all of the output and intermediate files for this configuration.

  • soong_ui - Starts the Soong UI, which allows you to interactively build and debug your Android project.

  • soong_build - Builds your Android project using the Soong build system.

Mostly, we need 2 different type of Android.bp configurations:

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