Create AIDL client

An AIDL client connects to a exposed AIDL Service via Binders

An AIDL client is an app that binds to an AIDL service, calls API, shows response inside its own views.


  1. Create a service connection:

     private var aidlService: ICalculator? = null
     private val serviceConnection = object : ServiceConnection {
         override fun onServiceConnected(name: ComponentName?, service: IBinder?) {
             aidlService = ICalculator.Stub.asInterface(service)
             Toast.makeText(applicationContext, "Service Connected", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show()
         override fun onServiceDisconnected(name: ComponentName?) {
             aidlService = null
             Toast.makeText(applicationContext, "Service Disconnected", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show()
  2. Connect to AIDL service via Binders.

     val serviceIntent = Intent()
     serviceIntent.component = ComponentName(BuildConfig.AIDL_PACKAGE, BuildConfig.AIDL_SERVICE)
     bindService(serviceIntent, serviceConnection, BIND_AUTO_CREATE)
  3. Call methods of AIDL after successful connection:

     aidlService?.add(2, 2)?.let {
             String.format(Locale.getDefault(), "Sum is: %d", it),

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