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Verify interactions with your mock
Mockito Verify is used to verify interaction of your mock inside your source (System Under Test) code.
We can check if method a is called with our mock, how many times it was called, or it was not called at all.
// Verify interactions
Mockito.verify(mock, Mockito.times(1)).sampleMethod();
// Verify, method should not be invoked even once
Mockito.verify(mock, Mockito.never()).sampleMethod2();
Mockito support 2 more verification methods,
  • Mockito.verifyNoMoreInteractions()
// Verify, we did not miss any interaction in out test
// If will fail if there are any interaction
// and we did not wrote a verification assertion in our test
  • Mockito.verifyNoInteractions()
// Verify, our mock did not have any methods called in peice of code we were testing